An Announcement from the President – Aug 2020

Dear Huber Air Park Property Owners, Tenants, Workers, and Visitors,

As you know, we have been asked to keep a physical distance from one another. For that reason, we have postponed until sometime later, our normally held in April homeowners meeting. Once we get past the current crisis, we’ll schedule the meeting.

In the near term I do want to let you know that crime, particularly theft, vandalism, and burglary have been increasing in some of the nearby neighborhoods. For that reason, we have closed the construction gate and board members are looking for other ways to increase security at Huber Air Park such as closing the main gate.

For now, you should consider security enhancements to your hangar, your airplane, and your truck or car. Here are some things you can do. You can lock the hangar doors, lock the windows, eliminate hiding places, and add security cameras. With regard to your vehicle, you can secure the keys and keep those keys out of sight.
You can also hide your valuables and lock your vehicle.

In good news, we are going to get past this crisis. For now, think about ways to lock down your stuff so it doesn’t get stolen or vandalized. Additionally, please consider not parking your airplanes, boats, trucks, trailers, etc. too close to the runway. The runway is not very wide. We’d hate for you to cause a collision of a moving airplane and a stationary object parked too close to the runway.

Also, you should know that the pole barns, boat storage, trailer parking area along the west boundary of the Air Park do not belong to Huber Air Park. That area belongs to Veracity Aviation. If your boat, boat trailer, etc. is parked in that area you need approval from Veracity Aviation. You can reach them at: 830.379.9800.

In still more good news, we are reinvigorating the Huber Air Park Architectural Control Committee (ACC). As a reminder, the purpose of the architectural review is to ensure uniformity throughout the community. We are doing this to ensure our Air Park property values are preserved. Violation of our architectural standards creates litigation issues that are costly and create animosity. We don’t want that. By complying with our deed restrictions, we can avoid these ugly distractions. More information about the ACC, our deed restrictions, and appropriate forms for improvement can be found on our website: under the Restrictions/Bylaws page.

Randy Starbuck
Huber Air Park Homeowners Association