May 2016 HOA Meeting Notes

May 2016 Minutes

Huber Airpark HOA Minutes

The Huber HOA meeting was called to order at 6:03pm, May 11, 2016.

Derrick Smith began with introductions of new members and current issues that need to be addressed at Huber Airpark. The HOA Board of Directors current terms are expiring and nominations were solicited for new officers. The incoming officers were voted and approved by the members in attendance. The officers are: Randy Starbuck- President, Derrick Smith- Treasurer, Tim Hennessee- Secretary, and Joe Powers- member at large.

The drainage issues of the Airpark were discussed and it was determined that a Drainage Committee would be formed to investigate the issues and submit a plan for remediation. This committee will also determine a long term assessment of Beechcraft Lane for resurfacing and cutting conduit for drainage. The Committee is comprised of members: Joe Hudson, Joe Powers, Derrick Smith, and Todd Walker.

The current lot mowing program was discussed and members agreed that it should continue in its current form, with members paying mowing dues on an annual basis.

Runway lighting, reflectors for fencing (Rudeloff Road), and signage for Rudeloff Road to give notice of potential jet blast and low flying aircraft were discussed and members will report back to the Board with their findings and suggestions.

The Annual Financial report was presented and approved.

The HOA meeting was closed at 6:38pm.

Secretary- Tim Hennessee